What kind of shed should I get?

8x12 Painted Barn Shed - Black Bear Outdoor Structures
We’re glad you asked! Our customer service guys will be happy to help you find the shed that suits your needs and budget in the best possible way. Our most popular model is the barn style shed. But take a look around our lot! We have a wide variety of inventory just may have something else that catches your eye.

If you don’t see exactly what you need, let us know! We will work with you to create a structure that fits your needs. Our sheds are highly customizable and adaptable. They are built with plenty of creative and innovative additions. We can simply add them to your package! There are several pre-configured options available including our garage and playhouse package. But if you need a custom workbench or shelves, they can be easily installed. Special order window or door configurations and additional loft space can easily be included with your shed purchase, as well.

Quite a few of our customers like to request additional floor reinforcements for sheds they intend to use as automobile storage. Sometimes, our customers have requirements for additional bracing in event of high snow load or similar circumstance. If you need anything cosmetic added to your shed, including custom paint, shingles, windows, or doors we will be happy to work with you. We’ll make your structure so your specific configuration ends up exactly how you envisioned it!

Feel free to call us or stop in for a chat! We’re here Monday through Saturday.