How Do You Deliver My New Shed?

Once you’ve placed your shed order, there will be a lead time as we build your shed and add any customizations that you may have requested. We will also apply your exterior of choice, whether that is paint or stain. Once the building process is complete, we will notify one of our drivers that your order is ready. They will add your delivery to their schedule and you will be contacted to arrange delivery.

Feel free to discuss any questions you have with either customer service, or the driver- we’re happy to assist you in any way possible! Many times, questions we receive at this point in the process involve site prep and old shed removal issues. Our drivers are professionals and have extensive experience in the field of these types of deliveries- most times we are able to set up the new shed for you with no problems. We always recommend that you have the site cleaned (and preferably prepared in advance with gravel) in order to mitigate any on-site water collection issues in the future.

Your new shed will be delivered on a trailer that has been custom-made for ease of delivery. You won’t have to worry about assisting with the drop off. If you think you may need your new shed in a spot in your yard that could offer accessibility issues, you are welcome to contact your driver in advance and provide pictures. We will be able to let you know if we foresee any difficulties in the course of delivery.